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Be The Judge

Judge, police and lawyer in one! Get ready to solve challenging crimes in this new reality game for android. You can be a judge, police officer or a lawyer in this game which lets you explore different realities. The idea is to give players an immersive experience from start to finish. This game simulates real life situations and let players take part in the crime investigation process. Players will have to figure out who committed the crime and what evidence are needed to convict them. The Gameplay: In this game, you can play as a criminal, detective or a prosecutor. Use your skills and investigative skills to solve crimes before the court gets you. Set traps, find hidden clues and interrogate witnesses until you get the perfect testimony against the person who committed the crime. You can also play as an investigator if you want some more challenge or if you just want to see how long you can go without solving any case. Players will be assuming the role of a rookie police officer who joined as an investigator after successfully passing their lie detector test. 

Do you want to be a judge? Do you want to sit in judgment of your fellow man and impart the ultimate penalty? If so, then this game is for you! The law is harsh and justice must be served. Are you prepared to wear the black robe and wield the gavel of truth? In this role playing game, you will play as a judge who has been chosen from amongus by the great spirit to hear cases and mete out justice. You will have many opportunities to prove yourself worthy of remaining on the bench. But beware, there’s also great potential for failure. The laws of your land are very strict. There are many people who break these laws every day, but they never even get a glance from the legal system. This creates an opportunity for those clever enough to see it, especially when they have friends in high places. It’s up to you whether you take that chance or stay loyal to the law as prescribed by our holy book.

The world is a crazy place and it keeps getting crazier all the time. You’re probably sick of seeing crime shows, movies and news articles that talk about how the world has become a much more dangerous place. Crime rates are higher than ever before and the old laws simply don’t apply anymore. In order to arrest someone for committing a crime now you basically need to catch them in the act or expose them in some way. That’s why we’ve developed the Judge,game simulation app for PC, Android devices and iOS devices. We know that this may seem like something from a science fiction movie but it’s not too far from reality either. The only problem is that most people don’t understand how these changes have really affected their lives on a day-to-day basis. Instead, they accept what they see on TV as fact and live their lives accordingly without questioning anything further than

You’re a police officer who just got promoted and is now stationed at a lawless town as the first ever judge. To bring law and order to the town, you must establish trust with the locals by solving their crimes and locking away repeat offenders. During your first week on the job, you witness someone commit a crime from inside your office. Realizing that this isn’t the time to build trust, you lock yourself in your chamber to binge-watch Law & Order episodes for 48 hours straight until you can confidently step out of your office again and prove that someone is going to jail for good. This is the beginning of an epic adventure where you will be exposed to different cases with unique challenges. As you progress through different scenarios, you will learn how to become a better judge, solve more crimes and make stronger decisions as time goes. Good luck!


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