Bob The Robber

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Bob The Robber

Robber Bob is known as the most daring and smartest bank robber in the world. He robs banks in different countries and has never been caught until now. It is the security guard’s last shift before they close for the day. The only thing Robber Bob wants is to get his hands on as much money as possible before he leaves. Are you ready to play this game? Then take control of Robber Bob and see how far you can get by solving the puzzles and staying

In this game, you have to outsmart an old man who can only remember his name as ROB. You’re going to have to find some way to get him to trust you, and then figure out how to get him to hand over as much money as possible. You have to steal from him, but not kill him, or else the police will be on your case. They’ll also hunt you down if you rob one too many places. There's only one way you're going to be able to pull this

Robber Bob has been robbing people all over the countryside. Splendid. In this game, you will play as Bob, a simple chap who has been robbing villagers by replacing their wallets with fake ones. The only problem is, he’s starting to get noticed. The game begins with you as Robber Bob, hopping across rooftops, darting through alleys, and scaling cliffs. Do you have what it takes to outsmart the local villagers and reclaim their

In this game you will play as Bob, who just robbed the bank. Now you need to get to the highway before the police catches you. No worries, it is just a puzzle game! Solve all the puzzles to escape the bank and reach the highway

In the dusty streets of Victorian London, criminals, pickpockets and con artists of all kinds ply their trade. But what happens when you rob a bank instead? You get Robber Bob. Bob The Robber, that’s what. With his trusty band of thieves, Robber Bob goes on daring heists, stealing whatever he can and getting out before the law catches up with him. He’s quick, smart and more than a little bit nosy, making him the perfect accomplice for a group of

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How to play

Using Mouse