Bob The Robber 2

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Bob The Robber 2

The last time you played Robbery Bob, it didn’t end well. Your fortress was raided by the angry citizens and now you’re locked in prison, awaiting your execution. Fortunately for you, the town does not have the gall to hang an outlaw from the gallows. Instead, they are going to lock you away until some day in the future when we decide that you don’t deserve to be dead anymore. And with that, we shall now lock The Robber Bob away in a dungeon. But beware of what lies within! This is a prison after all. There are bound to be people who would love nothing more than for us to leave and not come back ever again! Luckily there are also those who would want us to escape so that they may once again take advantage of our knowledge and skills! Perhaps if these people knew what had happened inside this prison, then maybe they wouldn’t want us to escape? We shall never

Bob wants to rob again! Help Bob the Robber 2 get his stolen loot back from the angry townsfolk! You’ll have to overcome traps, solve puzzles and outrun Bob theives in this platformer sequel. Explore an array of captivating locations to track down the items. From dank cellars to sunny beaches, there’s so much you can see in The Town Of Crimey. Set traps and sneak past guard dogs while exploring the map, gaining clues that will help you find your hidden loot once again. There are no hand-holding here – just pure fun as you take on one challenging level after another until you finally succeed. Unlock new characters and explore different worlds as new episodes are released every few weeks – so stay tuned for

Robber Bob is back in town, and he has brought his friends to rob from the rich people. Unlock all the locks and solve puzzles to get passed all the challenges! This is a sequel of Robber Bob The Robber 2. It will be very easy for you to understand how this game works. You don’t need any special skills or knowledge on gaming in order to play it. It also won't take much time for you to finish it either, because the game is short and sweet. One thing that we do suggest that you know though, it’s that this game isn’t suitable for young children because of its difficulty level. Okey, now let’s get started with the

"Rob The Banker 2" is another point and click adventure game. In this game you have to rob the bank once again. There are different missions in this game and you will have to complete them one by one. This is an interesting point and click game, well designed with interesting graphics and user interface. You can play it on Android too. Play now and enjoy the

In this point-and-click adventure game, you play as Bob The Robber 2. You must escape from prison by finding a way to get the keys that are hidden outside of the prison walls. Explore the many hidden places in the cell block, talk to fellow prisoners and see what secrets they might be hiding before you attempt an escape. Good luck

How to play

Using Mouse