Daddy Rabbit

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Daddy Rabbit

Are You Ready to Adventure? Well, Let’s Go! There Are Zombies Everywhere and They are Trying to Eat Us. We Must Build a Safe Farm Where the Zombies Cannot Come. Our Animal Friend Is Waiting for Us on the Other Side of These Hills… Let’s Go and Defeat Them Together! The Endangered Bunnies Need Your Help If We Want to Save Them from Extinction. They Are Being Snatched One by One. It Is Time for Us to Make a Change Before it Is Too Late. Do You Want to Be a Hero? Then Follow Me into These Hills… ENDANGERED BUNNY ADVENTURE 3D GAME is Here! The Endangered Bunny Needs your Help. Their Home Has Been Taken Over by an Evil Developer Who Is Planning to Turn Them into Fur Products. It is up to you To Stop this MADman Before He can Harm an Another Innocent ENDANGERED BUNNY ADVENTURE 3D GAME is Here! ENDANGERED BUNNY ADVENTURE 3D GAME is here in HTML5 games format with lots of fun characters and little interactive activities that will keep you entertained for hours on end at work, school or home. This game will test your problem solving skills as you guide the endangered bunny through over 50 challenging levels set in a variety of different environments such as forests, villages, deserts and urban settings while trying not to run into any spooked rabbits, lost tourists or hungry

The game is a third person shooter where you control the little rabbit and must fight against the zombies. The zombies are coming out at night and they are looking for you as they believe that you are their leader. They have been ordered to get rid of you by their commander. They will not give up until they eliminate you completely. You need to be very careful because they can sense your presence even if you hide in a dark corner. They will come asking for you, so it is imperative that you keep yourself hidden at all times. The game is fast-paced, action-packed and full of adventure as your goal is to survive the night with the help of your faithful pet bunny friend. The zombies will come out in large numbers whenever it gets dark, but that does not mean that there aren’t any threats during the day. There are many places that are inaccessible during the day, but once darkness falls on them then every enemy who resides there will come running towards you like crazy because they know where to find their prey

Daddyrabbit is an adventure game where you have to help the cute baby rabbit escape from the farm. You have to help him find some food, climb out of the window and get as far away from there as possible before it’s too late! - The objective of this game is to help your little bunny escape from the farm, collect carrots, avoid enemies and stay alive as long as possible! - Collect carrots by tapping on them to collect them or throw carrots at enemies! If a carrot touches a zombie, they turn into a carrot that you can now tap to collect again. If you run out of carrots, it’s game over! - Use your head to figure out how many carrots are needed for each level so that you don’t fail and instead get high scores. - Climb rope ladders in order to reach higher levels and reach more food items. - Explore different locations such as forests, farms, caves and more with new challenges every time you play! Are you ready for the challenge? Good luck little bunny; we hope you can escape

The Evil bunny is back and he wants to destroy the world. Your job is to protect the green fields, forests and hills of your farm by destroying all the evil bunnies that will come your way. Help the bunny catch those evil rabbits with your mouse, while they try to attack the farm and make it their home. you can also upgrade your defenses with traps, cannons and much more. The Evil Bunny Is Back And He Wants To Destroy The World. Your Job Is To Protect The Green Fields, Forests And Hills Of Your Farm By Destroying All The Evil Bunnies That Will Come Your Way. Help The Rabbit Catch Those Evil Bunnies With Your Mouse, While They Try To Attack The Farm And Make It Their Home. You Can Also Upgrade Your Defenses With Traps, Cannons And Much

You find yourself in a farm. There are many dangerous zombies lurking around. With your help, you must protect your home from the zombie invasion. You can do this by building different types of defenses with the seeds and saplings you find around the farm. As the game progresses more and more zombies will invade to try and steal your precious valuables like chickens, cows, donkeys, carrots, lettuce and many more. In order to defeat these sneaky stinky zombies you will have to build traps using items found around the farm like planks or boards. You can also hide valuable valuables inside barrels so that when the zombies come looking for them they end up getting stuck in there instead! Use Your Imagination To Create The Ultimate.

How to play

Using Mouse