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The crazy dots game has been designed for kids and kids at heart. Its an offline based game, so no internet connection is needed to play this game. You can play it anywhere you want without feeling restricted. This game has interesting dot puzzles which will keep you engaged for a long time. This game is an amazing way to improve your reaction time and cognitive thinking skills simultaneously. Your reaction time determines how quickly you can react to the movements of the dots; in this case, your cognitive thinking skills determine the complexity of the problems that you can solve and whether or not you have the mental capacity to understand them. The more complicated a puzzle is, the higher your cognitive thinking skills are required in order to solve it. 

Are you good with numbers? Do you love logic puzzles and Quiz games? If your answers are yes, then you will love this game. It is a type of logic puzzle that tests your logical thinking ability as well as your patience. You will be presented with two arrays or sets of numbers and it is your job to find which one set belong to each array. For instance, there are two images shown below, choose the image that belongs to array A and keep away from the image that belongs to array B. This is another installment of our little series of logic games for kids. Even though these games may look simple, they require high level of logical thinking and problem solving skills from a kid's perspective. They are not only challenging but also fun at the same time! So once again we challenge you to get better at these games so that you can beat us in future.


How to play

Using Mouse