Dr Panda School

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Dr Panda School

Panda School is a brand new educational point and click game for kids, preschoolers and all the family. In this fun and engaging game your role is to take care of panda community at the Panda School. You will get different missions everyday, so there is no dull moment here. The game has many interesting activities that will keep you hooked for hours. The graphics are hand drawn and are very lovely to look at. It is designed in such a way that it doesn’t feel like an educational game. The story begins when the pandas ask you to take care of the school while they go on a fishing trip. There are some problems with the school however, so it’s up to you to get things fixed! The main focus of this game is on education practices. It helps kids understand various concepts through games like Memory, Improving Sight Words, Language Development and more. There are 15 levels in this educational game divided into 3 chapters each with their own set of activities and tasks for you to complete them all in order to progress further in the story line of Panda

Panda School is an educational point & click adventure game for kids of preschool age. Panda School revolves around the adorable panda named Xiaohu, who wants to become a great and useful student like his elder sister. He is eager to learn everything that he can from reading, writing, drawing and of course playing with his friends. Help him go through all the activities that are related to the five senses, learning new things and making friends along the way. Play as a teacher in this virtual classroom, watch how your students study and draw their favorite panda characters for a fun activity at the end of every lesson. Endeavor to shape their minds into positive thinking people and make them excel at school activities beyond

Are you Looking for a game that will help your child learn English as well as develop logic and problem solving skills? Are you searching for an educational game that is creative, engaging, and fun? If so, then this role-playing game is just right for you. By playing this game with your kid, you can teach them about many different subjects, from animals to geography. It’s not just about the specific subject either; it encompasses everything about the particular topic. For example, by playing this game with your kid about pandas, you can teach them about their characteristics as well as the endangered status of them in the

In the wild, pandas live in small family groups consisting of a mated pair and their offspring. In the Panda Preschool Game you will find yourself taking care of a baby panda. You need to feed, clean up after and take care of your panda friend until he is ready to graduate from Panda School. He needs to pass three stages before he can be released into the world as a fully-fledged adult. The game has several different levels where you have to complete certain tasks in order to move on to the next stage. Use mouse or tap screen to interact with the game environment and objects or animals that are inside

In this role-playing game you will help panda called Panda Red to find the hidden treasure in his school and to collect gold coins from all classes. To do this, you will have to solve several brain teasers, talk with students and teachers, beat the bad guys and more. Are you ready? 

How to play

Using Mouse