Fun Balloon Pop

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Fun Balloon Pop

Balloon Pop is a new casual game from Gameloft that's all about popping balloons, and it’s super fun once you figure out the mechanics. In this game, you play as an adorable little dog named Bella. You wake up one morning to find your yard filled with creepy looking toys, including a giant animatronic fox, a giant mechanical spider and so much more! As if things weren’t scary enough, your evil neighbor has also returned to torment you again after breaking out of jail. In order to save your home from being turned into a creepy toy shop, it’s time for you to throw the ultimate party. To do that, you need to get the townspeople excited about having a party by popping all of the creepy balloons in your yard. 

Do you have a little boy who loves everything about balloons? If so, this game is for you! This cute little game will test your son’s balloon popping skills. In this fun Balloon Pop,game,boys, kids, hypercasual, gameforkids, puzzle, boys, clicker, bestgamespot you will have to pop all the colorful balloons that are kept inside the basket. There are also other balloons on the way that will make things more complicated. You will need to use your fast reaction skills and quick wits if you want to be able to finish all of them in time. 


How to play

Using Mouse