Galactic Traffic

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Galactic Traffic

Galactic Traffic, you will drive every kind of space car under the sun and test their handling in a high-stakes race against AI pilots. You can also explore the many planets in this virtual universe and take on missions from its inhabitants. We have so much to offer, so download now and join our ever-growing

This one is a fast-paced 3D racing game with stunning sci-fi graphics and car customization features. You will start your journey in the role of an AI traffic controller, monitoring the cars and their drivers. But things will get much more exciting once you get behind the wheel of one of those supercars yourself! In this virtual universe, you will drive various kinds of space cars on intergalactic highways in the company of other AI drivers. Your task is to reach the finish line first while avoiding collisions with other racers and avoiding obstacles. Each level is harder than the previous one and requires special strategies for beating it. Even though your driving skills are not perfect yet, don’t worry – practice makes

In This amazing game, you are a driver of a space ship. You need to pass the test to get your license. In this test, you will have to drive your spaceship through traffic without hitting any other cars or barriers. The game has five different levels, and in each level you need to pass the test by collecting 15 stars with perfect driving skills. But there’s more! Each level has a time-limit as well. So be quick and see if you can get all the licenses from A to

This game is a spaceship racing game with a sci-fi setting. It is an adventurous space car driving simulation where you race your opponents on tracks filled with twists and turns, as you dodge incoming traffic in an intergalactic city. You will be given the opportunity to explore different planets in the universe and collect tokens to customize your car. In this game, you can race against AI opponents or join a public lobby and compete with other players online. There are 7 game modes in total: Time Trial, Standard Race, Elimination Race, Checkpoint Race, Tag Challenge, Overtake Challenge and Hot Pursuit challenge. Are you ready to take on this exciting

Are you ready for some galactic traffic? In this game, you need to drive your space car and avoid the other cars on the road. Be careful about the speed and keep an eye on the fuel level. Are you ready to be a galactic driver? Let’s get started! You can play this game in any browser or on your

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