Guess the Character Word Puzzle Game

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Guess the Character Word Puzzle Game

This puzzle game is about guessing the character in a picture. This will test your observation skills and analytical thinking. Think logically, infer and make rational guesses. There are several levels which you can solve. Every time you complete one level, you can unlock another one. So stay focused and constantly guess the character until you unlock all of them! This game is designed for kids who want to play a word or puzzle games but don’t have any access to those. This is an offline app so there is no internet connection required to play it. It’s also compatible with both Android phones as well as tablets running on Google Operating System (OS). Download this free online kids game now!

How many words can you guess? Guess the character word game, its a great way to make friends and learn about other people! With more than 10 million downloads, this is one of the best word games ever made. Test your knowledge and skills in this addicting word puzzle. Make sure to keep your wits about you if you want to clear level after level. This challenging puzzle game will keep you coming back again and again. In this amazing character puzzle game, your goal is to guess as many words as possible from the given character images. 

If you don’t know the answer to one of these character puzzles then you are probably not a true fan. This game tests your knowledge of characters in TV and film, by putting them against one another in different types of word challenges. Solve as many puzzles as you can to get more hints! This word puzzle app includes over 50 character name challenges for you to solve. Each one is unique and there are plenty of levels for you to complete. The more hints you use the higher your score will be at the end. Are you good enough? If so then prove it by getting as far as possible with each new level that we

The name of the character is hidden in these pictures. Can you solve the character’s name? Great fun with this new Character Word Puzzle Game, a new type of word game. The object is to guess the correct sequence of 3 characters that form the character’s name. This puzzle game will test your vocabulary and logic skills, while having fun at the same time. You can play this puzzle game with family and friends or even as a homework helper for your kids. And best of all – it’s free to play! Good luck!

Guess the character is a brain teaser game for kids and adults. The goal is to guess which of the given characters fits the given clue. Simple rules, easy to play but challenging to master! Features - 13 characters with different clues attached - No in-app purchases and no ads! - Share your achievements on Facebook or Twitter - Challenge your friends and family members 

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