Guess the path

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Guess the path

Guess The Path is a logical and brainy game that will test your spatial skills. The objective is to connect the end points of each level by placing the tiles on the board. You can only place a tile when its edge connects with another tile or the path. There are no random guesses here, so you have to think about every move you make. Succeed and advance further, fail and try to beat your high score next time! Try to beat your friends’ high score in this challenging puzzle game! Don't let the simplicity of this game fool you, it might seem easy at first but it's actually really.

Guess The Path is a logic game in which you need to find the correct path by thinking strategically. It’s inspired by the famous sudoku games, but with a much simpler rule. In this game, you need to connect dots with paths instead of numbers. If you love brain teasers and logical games, you will definitely enjoy playing Guess the Path. Let’s see how good your strategic skills are. 


How to play

Using Mouse