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Hanger HTML5

Hanger is an extremely challenging, fast-paced, and addictive arcade game that will keep you coming back for more. Your job is simple: Get the little stick man to the exit. Sounds easy? It’s not! You see, there are lots of obstacles in his way that you need to think your way around. The objective of this game is to swing from one hanger to another until you make it to the exit. Sounds easy? Again…It’s NOT! This game tests your focus, timing, and reaction speed like no other game we’ve ever seen before! Let’s get

Hanger challenges you with an impossible logic puzzle. Don’t give up so easily! Your task is simple, just swing your ragdoll hero as far as possible while trying to avoid all obstacles along the way. There are no tricks here, it’s pure logic through and through. If you like playing brain-twisting games that push your gaming skills to their limits, then Hanger is for you. Give it a go and see how far you can Good

Hanger is a physics-based game where you have to swing as long as possible. You control the Stickman with your mouse and let him go from one swinging point to another. The further he goes, the more points you get. How many points can you score before losing your balance or hitting the

Hanger is a simple and addictive game that will keep you coming back for more. Your objective is to swing as far as you can while avoiding the obstacles. Each level is harder than the previous one, so you’ll need some serious concentration to make it through them all. Good

Hanger is another game that is extremely easy to play, but can be ridiculously challenging. The main objective of this game is to swing from one point to the next without falling or touching the ground. If you are not afraid of failing over and over again, Let's experience this game.

How to play

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