Hot Dog Bush

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Hot Dog Bush

Are you ready to become the best hot dog vendor ever? Prove your skills and cooking abilities by taking on the role of a hot dog vendor in this awesome time management game! You will start from a small stand selling hot dogs on the corner of a park, and if you prove yourself as an awesome fast food vendor you will be able to grow your business and open up several different locations selling hot dogs! This addictive fast food game is filled with exciting challenges, rewards, and surprises. Serve your customers super-fast and before they know it, they'll be coming back for more. Don't let them get grossed out by throwing away diseased customers or feeding them raw onions. Keep track of their favorite condiments, toppings, sauces, drinks, and desserts so that you can recommend them again next time they come in. Take orders quickly. Remember what everyone ordered last time they came in so that you can suggest it again next time. Mix up a concoction of new limited-time specialties when demand piques. Keep hungry customers happy so they keep coming back for

Fast food restaurants are a dime a dozen in the modern world, but there’s not one like your own hot dog stand! You see, in this game you’ll be the owner of that stand. From the initial setup to keeping your customers happy and healthy by monitoring their orders and keeping track of their favorite toppings. Time management games are all about making sure you have everything catered to your customer’s needs while also managing time so they don’t have to wait around too long. If you enjoy fast-paced games where every second counts, then this is the perfect game for you! Ready to become a hot dog stand owner? Let’s

In this game you work as a hotdog vendor at an arcade. The goal is to get as many customers as possible and sell them hotdogs for points. You can also earn bonus points by fulfilling special orders, adding condiments, or giving away free drinks. The faster you serve food, the quicker people will come back for more! Once in awhile someone will show up with a token they got from another game so take their money if they have any. If they don’t have any then they might just you never

Hot Dog Bush is a Time Management Game. You will take the role of owning and operating your own hot dog stand. Your goal is to serve customers as fast as possible while making sure they have a pleasant experience. Keep them happy by giving them what they want, keep the place clean, and don't forget to refill the ketchup bottles! Are you ready for this challenge? Prove it and start playing this friv Time Management game

Hot Dog Bush is an arcade-style time management game in which you must keep hungry customers happy by operating a hot dog stand. As the business grows, you can add more toppings to your menu and offer more complex dishes such as pizzas and chicken wings. You'll need smart strategy along with quick fingers to succeed in this challenging.

How to play

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