Mahjong Connect Deluxe

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Mahjong Connect Deluxe

Go on an adventure with Mahjong Connect Deluxe! This addictive, new tile-matching puzzle game is filled with challenging levels, a beautiful theme park, and more characters than you can handle. Download on the App Store or Google Play Now! Match two matching mahjong tiles to make them disappear from the board. The mahjong tiles are arranged in rows and columns. You must match the same mahjong tile more than once to remove it from the board. The first player to finish a level wins that level. By matching the same mahjong tile more than once, it will be removed from the board. For example: If you have a row of four green tiles, you cannot match another green tile because they all have to match in pairs (two yellow, one yellow and one green). That means if you remove one green tile, another green can only be matched with another green because they are not adjacent to each other (they do not share any adjacent spaces). > Use different Mahjong Connect Avatars to customise your experience The new mahjongg theme park will keep you entertained for hours! There are three themed areas in this free game - Adventure Park, the Green Hills and Lost Temple. Each area has its own unique challenges so don’t get too comfortable playing in just one area… You’ll need all your skill and strategy just to complete them within the time limit! Complete challenges, unlock new avatars and explore all three areas

Mahjong is a popular tile-matching game for two players. It is also known as Chinese checkers. There are many different variations of the game, and in this app, you can play and learn several types of Mahjong variants. To play Mahjong, you need two mahjong sets made up with Mahjong tiles. The objective of this app is to clear all the matching tiles from your mahjong board by matching them vertically, horizontally or diagonally next to each other so that no lines are left open. All the special tiles are called ‘mee’ (meaning ‘capture’ in Cantonese), and they must be captured by matching them next to other mahjong sets of the same kind. This app includes four different types of games in one: – Classic Chinese Checkers (Mahjong Connect); – Modern Tiles Variants; – Ancient Asian Variants (using Japanese mee); – Free Solitaire with free bonus levels, and over 100 customisable levels. Rules: Matching mahjong tiles in a sequence will remove them from the board until there are no more openings left on it. If an empty space appears on your final tile layout where another one should have been, your opponent will capture that last remaining tile from you automatically. The player who captures all his opponents’ tiles first wins the game! You can press on any tile to see if it matches any other already present on the board or not, or select another

Mahjong Connect is a classic tile matching game for Android. The goal is to match pairs and create a line of three or more same-colored tiles. The player can choose from several layouts, each with different tile sets and tile layouts. The free version includes 3 layouts and 100 mahjongg pieces, the paid version includes 19 layouts and 300 additional mahjongg pieces. In-app purchases are also available for additional maps and mahjongg pieces as they become available. Mahjong Connect Deluxe is a popular multiplayer tile matching game for Android. You can play against other players online, or challenge the computer in an AI opponent base game comes with 50 maps made up of 6 different layout types (Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Western, French, German) along with 200 mahjongg pieces per map. Additional maps can be purchased individually or as part of an in-app purchase bundle pack that costs less than $5 USD if bought

Mahjong Connect is a new classic mahjong game that needs your a lot of strategic thinking and fast reaction. The goal of the game is to match identical tiles. Many different layouts are available in this game and the gameplay varies from easy to very challenging. This is an excellent choice for all mahjong fans! In this classic mahjong game, you need to match identical tiles to remove them from the board. There are different layouts in the board and the difficulty level varies from easy to very challenging. You can replay any level you have cleared or keep playing new levels after you clear them as well. The number of free mahjong games on Android has never been higher than now, so there are lots of great options for anyone who enjoys this classic gambling

Mahjong Connect Deluxe is a FREE simple, fun and challenging puzzle game. The goal is to connect pairs of matching tiles in the board by sliding or rotating them until they match. To clear a pair of tiles, you must have at least one free space on an adjacent unoccupied space. You can challenge your friends and family to see who can get the highest score. You will surely enjoy this Brain Teaser game! Features: -Endless gameplay -Challenging levels -Play with Friends and Family via Game Center -Master new levels as you progress. Wish you have a great experience

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