Match 20 Challenge

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Match 20 Challenge

Match 20 is a fun and challenging interactive puzzle game that will test your logic and concentration. The objective is to merge the same colored blocks together so they disappear. But it's not as easy as it sounds because there are rules you need to follow: - You can't combine more than two blocks of the same color in one move; - You can only combine blocks when their colors are different; - And you can only combine blocks that are next to each other. Start playing now and challenge.

Do you have what it takes to be the ultimate Match 20 Challenge champion? Test your skills in this fun puzzle game and find out! Drop the numbered blocks from above and make sure that there are no empty spots left on the grid. In every level, you will need to merge identical blocks into one. Sounds easy, right? But as the levels get more challenging, things won’t be so simple. 

Are you ready to play the Match-20 Challenge game? In this game, your objective is to combine the blocks efficiently and create a perfect match of the given numbers. You need to merge the same colored blocks and make them vanish within the limited number of moves. If you succeed in matching all the bricks within 20 moves, you win! Are you ready to put your minds to work? Then let’s get started!

Do you have what it takes to beat the challenges? This game will test your math skills in a fun new way. You’ll need to combine the numbers on the blocks, so that they add up to the target number. Sounds easy? Well, let’s see if you can beat all 20 levels. Good luck!

How to play

Using Mouse