Merge Block Raising

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Merge Block Raising

What does a photo, block, and raising all have in common? If you’re thinking they are all things related to the new game called “Puzzle Block Raising” that has taken the factory by storm, then you're absolutely right! This fast-paced and challenging game brings together elements of several different types of games into one. Players compete against one another to see who can raise their team’s blocks the highest. Each team is given a set of blocks with numbers on them that represent their team members. Players must arrange the blocks in ascending order and then place them on top of a tower made up of neutral blocks. If a player makes a mistake during their turn or takes too long to make a decision, they are locked out from making any further moves until someone else on their team plays again. Each team starts off with an identical number of neutral blocks, but as the game prThe first team to complete a successful stack at least 10 blocks high

New Challenges, New Opportunities! As a descendant of the old Egyptian pyramid builders you have been tasked with rebuilding the ancient monuments. You rise through the social ranks by accomplishing difficult challenges to gain access to new privileges. Even though your ascension is challenging, it is also rewarding, because it gives you access to new opportunities. Will you stand up to the challenge? Or will you fail miserably and remain a lesser servant forever? In this puzzle game you need to find the matching blocks in order to solve each level and proceed further. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of this game; it’s actually pretty challenging! Matching blocks requires concentration and sharp eyes if you want to beat your friends later on in this game. How many levels can you get?

Are you ready for your mind to be blown? Then step into our brand-new virtual world and get your brain buzzing with this totally awesome new puzzle game. In Monument Valley, players must venture through imaginary architecture, solving visual puzzles, and exploring hidden secrets within impossible structures. To advance to the next level, players must use their wits to manipulate the environment by manipulating blocks, pillars and staircases. It’s challenging, addictive and will make you feel like a genius (even if only for a few minutes). So take up your torch and let’s get started!


How to play

Using Mouse