Microsoft Word Twister

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Microsoft Word Twister

Looking for something to keep your brain active during the long summer days? Then check out this awesome game of Twister that you can also play on Microsoft Word! It’s called Word Twister, and it’s essentially a more challenging version of the classic word search puzzle. Instead of simply locating words from A to Z, in Word Twister you must find words from A to Z that all begin with the same letter (and hence are all variations on the same theme). It sounds easy enough but trust us; it gets progressively harder as the game progresses. You won’t be able to put this one

Have you ever played a word-search game that twists the words and scrambles the letters? Word Twister can do just that, with over 1,200 word scramblers for you to choose from! This free Microsoft Word game challenges your brain and improves your vocabulary at the same time. It’s an easy puzzle game that anyone from age 7 to 107 can play. Even if you’re not great at word searches, Word Twister is super fun and takes only a few minutes to

Do you have a quick mind? Or do you get stuck on the same puzzles again and again? If you love word games, then this challenging puzzle will test your vocabulary and spelling skills. The rules are simple. You need to find hidden words in a grid filled with distracting red herrings. If you like this game, check out our other Microsoft Word brain challenge games: Word Tangle, Word Maze, and Word

Let’s Twist Again! Twister is the game that won your hearts in the 90s. Now, you can twist your brain once again with this Microsoft Word version of Twister - Word Twister. You just need to have Word and Google Chrome installed on your computer for this game to work. So let’s get

Twister is a game that you can play with your friends or family. It is moderately challenging and fun. This article provides instructions on how to play Microsoft Word Twister and tips to win. You will need Word, a computer, and the willingness to be twisted into strange. 

How to play

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