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If you haven't heard of Octordle yet, it's a Wordle-based game. Players in Wordle get six chances to accurately guess a five-letter word. A letter will glow green if it is placed correctly. A letter that is present in the word but is located incorrectly illuminates yellow. Now, Octordle is comparable, but it requires you to guess eight words simultaneously rather than just one. Yes, it's just as challenging as it sounds.

In the challenging game Octordle, players must correctly guess eight five-letter words simultaneously while only having thirteen guesses. There are no hints to help you guess the words in this game, similar to Wordle, but as soon as you correctly guess a word, the color of the tiles will change.

You can see by the colors if you correctly identified the letters and whether they are in the right order. There is no right or wrong method to play the game, however we advise trying to guess words that contain the majority of the alphabetic letters in the fewest number of guesses. You'll be able to swiftly and effectively solve the words if you are aware of which letters are present in each word.


How to play

Let's explore how to play Octordle, what game modes are available, and how to resolve the 8-cell conundrum in the game guess from your previously polished chunks of minced meat now that you're prepared to enter Octordle's simultaneous word guessing universe.

The 8-grid monster board in Octordle will astonish you because it initially appears to be an unending, insurmountable list of games. Its size exceeds Wordle by eight times. Therefore, before beginning to estimate the Octordle, you must have a clearly defined plan and technique.

Finding the ideal moment to choose the first grid you'll work on is the secret ingredient in the Octordle. The first of the other seven grids that catch your eye is this one. Regardless, after your initial one or two attempts, you ought to be able to locate enough letters on each grid to be able to select the one with the most details.

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