Reach 100 Colors Game

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Reach 100 Colors Game

Reach 100 is a hypercasual math puzzle game with only one objective: reach 100. You need to add and subtract numbers to get there! Every level comes with its own difficulty and every number you combine will have a different impact on your final result. The faster you complete a level, the more points you will get and the higher your final score will be. This might be the perfect game if you are bored or stressed out and want something easy to clear your head. It’s not that challenging, but it can still be fun if you like these types of games. Let’s see how fast you can reach the high score.

Reach 100 is a hypercasual puzzle game that challenges your logical thinking and sharpens your mind. You need to reach the final number of 100 by combining smaller numbers -- no more, no less. To do so, you have to swap tiles and combine them until you get the target sum. The catch? Every time you tap on a tile, it increases that number instead of reducing it! Keep an eye on the countdown timer, or you’ll go bust before reaching your target. 

Reach 100 is a simple and addictive puzzle game. Your goal is to get the number 100 by combining adjacent number tiles. Every time you combine two numbers, their value is added together and then you move on to the next tile. You can only combine two tiles if the value of both tiles adds up to the next number in sequence you can’t combine two numbers unless their total is at least 101). If you love challenging games with simple rules, this new arithmetic game is your perfect choice.


How to play

Using Mouse