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Soul Hunter

Dark Souls II is the follow-up to the critically acclaimed action role-playing game Dark Souls. Players must risk it all as they travel through a hostile world in order to save mankind from itself. As players progress through the game, they will encounter a number of enemies, and bosses, with their own unique attack patterns. The game introduces a new mechanism known as ‘Lore’ to the original game. In this mechanism, players will notice common elements between different locations and items throughout the game that hint on stories or important moments in history. In addition to this, some of these locations may also have hidden pathways accessible only by solving special puzzles or defeating specific bosses in certain ways. These pathways are known as “Undead Burgs” and players can find many of these throughout various areas in Dark Souls II. The deeper you go into an Undead Burg, the more dangerous foes you may run into until you finally reach its final chamber where the final boss waits for you at the end of your

The world has been dominated by the evil beings known as the Shadow People. Their empire is vast and powerful, and they aim to rule it from its center - the dark realm of Mokolu. You are a Soul Hunter, one who can travel between realms to destroy these Shadow People wherever they may be hiding. The more you play, the more Soul Hunters you'll meet, each with their own unique style and gameplay. You must use your ability to possess other beings - so-called "Hollows" - to hunt down human souls and bring them back from the realm of Mokolu before they manage to permanently join that evil land. But remember - every soul belongs to God, which means you may not take any of them for yourself. Instead, use your powers to protect Hollows who have been captured by humans during hunting sessions; these will become your allies in the coming battles against the enemy.

This is a simple game. Find 3 or more cards which share the same card and eliminate them from the game. Each level will contain 2 or more different card types so be prepared to learn new strategies from each level. Good luck and have a good time!

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