Square Bird

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Square Bird

In this new side-scroller game, you’ll help a little yellow bird fly through the trees and avoid all kinds of dangerous obstacles. The farther you get, the harder it will get. With each new level, there will be more obstacles that stand in your way. There might be falling branches, lightning strikes, lightning bugs, bees, crows and much more. This is such an addictive game with cute graphics and challenging gameplay. Are you ready to test your

Are you ready to get all hyper? Hyper Dash is a super fast, one-touch arcade game that will test your speed and reaction time. Race through an endless series of obstacles and see how long you can last. The gameplay might be simple but the challenge is tough! If you like fast-paced, challenging games then this game is for

A Hyper Casual arcade game with the theme of birds and their nests. Help the little purple bird get home to his nest by avoiding obstacles and collecting feathers to fly higher. It's a side-scroller with just one touch! That’s right, you only need one finger to play this game. Let’s see how high you can get Purple

Feel like a kid again and play this challenging arcade platformer game where you try to avoid obstacles, jump over pits and collect as many coins as you can. You will have to train your memory and reflexes to succeed. Prove you’re the fastest one on the

A cute side-scrolling arcade game with explosive birds and adorable enemies. Fly through the forest, demolish trees and get as far as possible while avoiding hazards in this fun and challenging one touch arcade game. We have prepared for you a new challenge! Jump over obstacles, fly between vines, crush every branch that gets in your way and explode those pesky critters! Your goal is to reach the end of each level by destroying every tree on your path. But beware, some of them are hiding critters! If you hit one of them, it will explode into a million. 

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How to play

Using Mouse