Super Race 3D

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Super Race 3D

Super Race 3D is a challenging, casual, and fun 3d avoid game. You must avoid the numbers and collect the letters to spell out the word SUPER. Super Race 3D has many levels that progressively get more challenging and exciting. In this challenge you need to drive your car through various roads without crashing into any obstacles. Each time you crash you loose one life and must restart that level again! There are 24 challenging levels to complete in total. Each level will have different road blocks and traffic cones as your main obstacles that you need to avoid or crash into them to move on to the next stage. Watch out for oil puddles too because if your car touches them it will spin out of control!! Collect all the red “A” letters first so that after collecting all the yellow “B” letters you can finish off with collecting all blue “C” letters (and so forth). If you hit a traffic cone you loose one life as well as hitting other things such as trees, buildings and road blockages will result in losing lives also! In short this game is a challenge! 

Super Race is an android online game that involves avoiding numbers. The objective of the game is to keep your car ahead of the other cars and avoid hitting the numbers. If you hit any number, you lose a life point. Once all your life points are gone, it’s game over for you! Other than that, there are some nice features also built into this game. It comes with a ranking system so you can compete with other players, and different cars that give you an edge if you’re good at memorizing locations of those numbers! Super Race 3d app is one of the most popular racing games among youngsters who love speed and thrill. This app is challenging and engaging, requiring strategy and quick thinking to beat opponents in each race.

Super Race 3D is a racing game where you control a car. Your goal is to avoid the numbers and get as far as you can while driving. This challenging and fun race will test your reflexes and concentration. You must keep an eye on the road and find a way to dodge the obstacles in your way, all while staying in first place! Do you have what it takes to beat your friends in this fast-paced virtual competition?  Are you fast enough to finish the race? Good luck!

How to play

Using Mouse