TrollFace Quest: Horror 1

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TrollFace Quest: Horror 1

A young gamer named Dan is trapped in a Virtual Reality game called Troll Face Quest. He plays his favorite online game along with his friends Corey, Zach and Lily. Theyve entered the troll face quest to collect different troll faces and win the game. But theyre not playing alone. Theres a group of evil trolls secretly following them in the woods, eager to attack at any opportunity. Luckily, before they knew it, one of their victims managed to escape from the game by inventing a password that takes him back home. Now that only he is left in trollfacequest, will he ever be able to leave? Trollface Quest is an point and click horror adventure game where you play as Dan who gets trapped inside a virtual reality game called Troll Face Quest after losing a match against his friend Lily. You have to explore the scary forest and solve puzzles to find clues that will lead you out of this haunted Or will you end up as its next

Today, we’re excited to announce our latest game: Trollface Quest Horror! This new point and click adventure game will take you on a mysterious adventure full of horror and mystery. Trollface Quest Horror is an atmospheric horror point-and-click adventure game with an intriguing story, captivating characters and great voice acting. You play as a young troll who has recently been sent to the human world as punishment for being a horrible troll. Your mission is to explore this strange new place, find friends, meet new people, make friends and return to your village before the elders get worried about you. The gameplay in this game is quite similar to many other point-and-click adventure games: you explore locations, talk to characters, solve puzzles and interact with items in these locations in order to progress the story. However, it will feel quite different since there are no pictorial clues or inventory items that you can use throughout your time exploring locations. Instead, finding these things will require more active involvement from the player since they must actively search through each location until they find what they need. In addition to this gameplay system change in comparison with our previous games, we have also changed the way that combat works in Trollface Quest games. In this game series so far, combat was always at its core: combat was the most important way for trolls to defend themselves from humans and other trolls (when not hiding from them) outside of hunting other creatures for food

The evil troll king has kidnapped your girlfriend and locked her in his cave. Now it's time to bring her home before she gets turned into a troll herself. You must explore the Troll Kingdom and discover all the secrets it holds. Good luck,

Hello everyone, In this blog post, I will be talking about a point and click adventure game named “Trollface Quest Horror”. This game is developed by a small indie studio named Kekscrew Studios and published by GANGAGames. The company released their first game in the year of 2018. This Point and click adventure game has an interesting plot which is going to captivate you until the end. In this blog, I will be discussing some interesting things about this game such as its plot summary, what amazes gamers the most, pros and cons, endings and much more. The following paragraphs will give you all the necessary information needed to enjoy this

This game is a horror-point and click game. This is the first part of this series. If you like it, stay tuned! In this part, you play as A hulking, green monster called a Troll. Your goal is to find and bring back your missing pet, Little it’s too late. Explore an expansive world full of trolls who need your help to defeat Great Green Beast that has come to take over their peaceful town. Use items and abilities found around the world to help you explore new areas and survive against the nightmarish creatures lurking there. Think ahead and use your wits to stay alive long enough to solve each challenging puzzle and escape the region before morning

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