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Wordseeker is an original and challenging crossword puzzle game with more than 100 levels, ranging from easy to expert. It's perfect for anyone who loves word games. You can play alone or challenge friends to see who is the best at finding hidden words. If you like this game, be sure to check our

This one is a brand new type of word puzzle that offers you a refreshing challenge. Each This one puzzle combines vocabulary building with visual searching skills and strategic thinking. There are many ways to play This one and each one is as challenging as the next. Wordseeker is perfect for people who like crossword, word search, or other word puzzles because it combines elements from all three games in a whole new way. It’s also great if you like solving cryptograms or letter puzzles because they too are incorporated here. With that being said, get ready to dive into this new world of word

This amazing game is a fun and challenging word search game with a thrilling twist. Search for words across five unique categories nature, sports, pop culture, sciences, and crafts). Each of these categories has its own distinct set of rules that you must follow in order to complete the puzzle. There are even hidden bonus words that can only be found by reading through the clue hints provided on each board. This amazing game is challenging and addicting—you won’t be able to put it down! Are you ready to challenge yourself? Prove your vocabulary skills and get started playing

This amazing game is a free crossword game with unique features, smooth gameplay and an immersive environment. The game is set in an interesting medieval world where you are a Wordseeker – an apprentice of the word-weaving art. Your task is to explore the world, crack tricky word puzzles and save words from being lost forever. This amazing game is easy to play and will immerse you in its medieval fantasy world from the first minutes of playing. If you like word search games or crossword puzzles and want to try something different, download This one for free

This one is a free word search game with thousands of crossword puzzles, word searches, and other word games to keep your mind sharp. It's easy to play and fun to compete with friends. If you love word search games, this app is for you! Wordseeker features hundreds of hand-crafted puzzles that are both challenging and fun. Each one has its own theme and can be solved by searching for words from the given list using the letter clues given. Wish you the best results

How to play

Using Mouse