Zen Cube 3D

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Zen Cube 3D

One of the most popular mobile games in China is now available worldwide. Zen Puzzle 3D is an exciting and challenging 3D puzzle game with more than 400 levels. Different scenes, different puzzles with an amazing Zen aesthetics. It’s time to clear your mind and hone your observational and logical skills. Come join the solution-loving mob! As the title suggests, the gameplay revolves around solving puzzles by sliding various objects together. As you progress through the game it will be necessary to learn new matching strategies - such as making lines of matching pieces or rotating matched pairs before they can be used in a puzzle again - but there are also plenty of preset puzzles that will require no learning curve at all. 

Join the ever-changing battle to capture the elusive Red Zen by challenging your strategy skills against the opposing AI in this addictive Match 3 game! As you advance through the levels and unlock new challenges, try to get as far as you can and become the ultimate Zen Master! The Red Zen is one of the three relics of enlightened wisdom. In ancient times, it was lost for many decades until recently rediscovered by a young Buddhist monk named Xuan. The Red Zen can be used to create a powerful magic spell that will help Xuan continue his search for enlightenment. To protect the Red Zen from harm, Xuan has hidden it safely within a sacred mountain temple guarded by fearsome creatures known as Zennjas. Keep an eye out for where it may be hidden next so that you can capture it before anyone else does! 


How to play

Using Mouse