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If you are a lover of foreign languages, love logic and speculation, and like the feeling of racing with friends, then you should definitely not ignore Quordle. Here we satisfy all of the above needs. This is the higher version of Wordle. If you have ever played Wordle and feel it is too simple, not challenging enough, not difficult enough for you to focus too much, then Quordle will help you show your intelligence and acumen in the most obvious way.

Quordle - the best mind game

Coming to Quordle game you will need to guess 4 words correctly with 9 tries. The vocabulary is endless, to find the correct 4 words by yourself, the correct rate is extremely low, but in the game there are specific suggestions to support you in the process of performing the challenge, motivating you in the process. Conquer the game to bring victory.

How to play game?

First, come to the game, you will choose the right language for you to start the game. Quordle is a game application for you to practice your foreign language skills the best. You will be surprised when your foreign language ability increases significantly but you do not feel bored during practice. learning to play and playing to learn are Quordle's internal strengths in helping players improve their foreign language skills.
Then you can choose the number of characters in a word, including 4 or 5, or 6 characters, this selection you will make in the settings of the game and some other modes you also have can be changed here to suit your preferences.

- There are 4 boxes equivalent to 4 words you need to find correctly, and you have 9 times to complete the challenge.
- Initially, you will type any word.
- The system will help you by changing the color of the word you choose.
         The green character is correct.
         The yellow character is present in the search word but is in the wrong position.
         The gray character is not included in the word.
- when you are true 1 from. The cell containing that word will automatically lock. Your subsequent attempts will no longer appear in the correct box

Some tips for you

In your first guess, you should not use 2 identical characters. In this guess, you take advantage of the vowels, appearing many times, this will narrow the range as well as increase the probability of appearing the correct letter for you.

After the first selection, whichever cell appears the most, you focus on that cell. Only focus on 1 box to do, this will save you from wasting many tries, the correct result will be found as quickly as possible. However, you can also change the order of priority in case the unexpected arises, your next word may appear more exact words than the box you are paying attention to. Be as flexible as possible to save on game execution.

Do not reuse the gray letter, because it is not in all 4 of your search words. There are a lot of letters, so it's easy to reuse the gray character. Please observe carefully to not repeat those characters. There are only 9 attempts, each time trying 1 wrong old letter will reduce your win rate.
It is also possible for letters to appear twice in a word, but the rate is very small, so the first time you try, you should not enter words with the same 2 letters. Feel free to use it for the final try if you want.

Why should you choose Quordle and not another game?

Top 5 best language training games: Quordle, Dordle, waffle game, crossword, Scramble.

So what's better in Quordle than the other 2 games?

If in Dordle the challenge is just to find 2 words, then in Quordle we can overcome our limits more, with 4 words to search.

In the waffle game, we can find more than 4 words. but the words to search are already available on the screen, we just need to search without thinking logically. And in Quordle, all answers are based on your brain's intelligence, sensitivity, and quickness. for difficulty comparison, the waffles game is the simplest in the top 3 being ranked.

Crossword is a pretty good language training game, which also requires a lot of logic from the player, but this game only supports English language, not many languages ​​for players.

Scramble is a game that supports English learners more than improving language skills. This game also does not promote you to think logically, quite similar to the waffle game.


Quordle is completely free, you can not only play alone, but in the app, you can share your game with your friends through social networks. So what are you waiting for, join your friends and win!!!! I believe you will have a very interesting experience and you will be surprised by what Quordle brings.

One app to satisfy you both: entertainment and knowledge. Quordle is a perfect version of a mind game that supports multilingual development. Wish you have the great experiences and unimaginable effects that Quordle brings with friends here.


How to play

Using Mouse