Fall Race Season 2

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Fall Race Season 2

The second season of the Falling Race is here! Race as many opponents as you can and try to be the fastest in this new and more challenging version of the popular game - The Falling Race. Are you ready for more? The players who achieve a high score will get cash prize at the end of each level. Try to unlock all tracks to get maximum cash reward. To compete with your friends or other players, create a lobby and challenge them anytime! You don’t have time to waste? Go ahead and race

We are glad to announce you that Stockcar Rush is back with a new season! Not only we didn’t give up on the car races after the winter, but we went even further. We listened what you wanted and designed a bigger and better Season 2! The main focus was to create more cars and environments for our players. You will find 12 new tracks in this season, including the wet ones! We are also adding two new game modes: Time Attack and Duel. In Time Attack mode, you will compete against the clock to see how quickly you can finish all the laps. On the other hand, Duel mode is like capture the flag. You have one life and try to steal your opponents’ car. If you manage to do it without getting hurt or being taken yourself, you win! The game is becoming more exciting just when you think it can’t get any

If you have played the first season of the Falling Race, then you know what to expect. In this second season of the game, things are even more interesting and challenging now. If you manage to finish this race with a final position of 1st, that’s great! But if you get a low rank like last time, then don’t worry because there are still new opportunities awaiting you. Another thing that has changed is the map where the race takes place. Instead of staying in one location, it has now expanded from one building to another. You will not only be racing against other players but also against the clock.. The goal is simple; reach as far as possible by jumping from floor to floor and get as high as possible in each level using your pet rocking chimp called Gizmo. Read on more details below and

The new season of the Falling Race is here! Are you ready for some more action? The second part of this epic multiplayer racing game will take you on an even more exciting adventure than the first one. The racers are back and better than ever, so buckle up and let the race begin! Your friends from all over the country have entered the fall-races again. You’ve been invited to compete as well, but are you sure about that? Maybe another time would be better for you right now? Well, if you do not want to miss out on this amazing experience, maybe it is time to join in instead. Just listen to what a stranger has to say and maybe they know something that can help you with your

Customizable game mechanics that allow players to alter their experience with the game. This feature is available by default on PC and Xbox One. The sequel to the multiplayer-centric first-person action/adventure Falling Skies: Race To Survival, Falling Skies: The Fall Race Season 2 is a new single player campaign set during the final days of the Human-Alteran War. You play as Will Walker, one of many resistance fighters operating within occupied Washington In order to end the war for good, you must find and retrieve two that are crucial to ending the conflict once and for all… You will use these (Electro Magnetic Pulses) in order to gain access into abandoned military installations that have been left untouched since the initial invasion… However, as you soon discover, this isn’t as easy as it sounds… --END

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